“Before having my baby, hiring a postpartum doula was a new concept to me. I wasn’t sure I needed one, yet with my husband’s short leave from work and out of state extended family, we decided to hire Chelsey.
Post-baby, the need for a postpartum doula became apparent. Chelsey was available to do laundry and dishes or fix my lunch, giving me time to bond with my baby. She took care of the essentials of the house so that I could focus on baby related tasks like breastfeeding, changing diapers, and sleep.
When you’re physically healing and navigating life with a newborn, you don’t want just anyone in your home. Chelsey is friendly, knowledgeable, and dependable. I highly recommend hiring her as your postpartum doula!”

– Kelly & Baby J

“Chelsey’s service is exactly what we needed as new parents to help us settle into our new lives together with our baby and not worry as much about the stresses of daily family life. She had our backs!”

– Emily & Baby O