Lactation and Feeding Support


Breastfeeding is often a new skill for everyone involved and can take some time to adjust. Sometimes one or both parties need extra support. No matter if you are directly breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding, or a combination of the two, support can be incredibly helpful – especially in those first weeks and months!

As a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, I can offer unbiased, non-medical support for breastfeeding and other feeding choices. I can help troubleshoot basic breastfeeding problems such as latch, positioning, pain while breastfeeding, hand expression, pumping, and other common issues. Because I am not a medical professional, I can not provide medical advice and will refer to a medical professional such as an IBCLC for treatment and diagnoses.

Lactation support is $60 for an initial, one-hour visit and $45 for a follow-up, 45-minute visit.
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Feeding Planning Session – $75

How are you planning to feed your baby? Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or a combination? What about returning to work or school?  Will you need to pump? What kind of pump and bottles should you get? This two-hour session can help you sort through all the options and decide what will work best for your family!