Oh Baby! Newborn Gift Guide

A newborn gift guide might seem kind of silly. I mean, what do they really need? They eat, sleep, and poop…right?  Although this is true, there are useful things that you can give to newborns – or at least their parents – to make everyone’s lives that much easier! This newborn gift guide will help you find what parents and babies REALLY want!


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Books are a great choice for kids of all ages. Board books, especially ones that feature real babies or contrast such as black and white, are great for newborns. As are Indestructibles, really cool picture books that are created just for babies and toddlers! And there is always On the Night You Were Born, a classic book for baby gifts! I love to give books instead of cards. I often write a little message inside for baby to read in the future. Books are our go-to gifts!

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Blankets, burp cloths, and bibs are also good choices for newborns. You can get fancy with Aden & Anais Bamboo Swaddle Blankets or keep it simple with muslin.  Soft, fuzzy blankets are especially nice in winter. Organic burp cloths are sure to get a lot of use dealing with baby messes, and there are bibs of all kinds to help baby stay clean and dry! Bandana bibs are popular right now.

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Sleep – that ever important topic that always seems to elude new parents. Anything that can contribute to more sleep will be highly appreciated. A sound machine, Rock n’ Play, co-sleeper, or swaddle will be loved my parents and baby alike! So give the ultimate gift – sleep!

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 The Nose Frida is a “snot sucker” and is incredibly helpful when baby gets their first cold. Toss in some saline spray and Boogie Wipes, and you have a great practical gift. Simple cloth pre-fold or flat diapers are great for cleaning up spills and other messes. Temporal thermometers can be used for the whole family, and are very accurate and easy to use.

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What newborn gift guide would be complete without mentioning diapers? Unless you do elimination communication (more on that in an upcoming post!), you gotta have ’em! Cloth or disposable, there are tons of options that are fashionable, eco-friendly, and absorbent. Honest Company sells diapers in a variety of prints that are also fairly good for the earth. Seventh Generation is another company that makes “better for you” disposable diapers. There are a huge variety of cloth diapers out there. You can buy separate covers and diapers, all-in-one diapers, and everything in between!


You can also get wet bags in a variety of prints, and there are many uses – from holding cloth diapers to wet swimsuits, they’re sure to be appreciated! Water Wipes are super simple, gentle wipes that don’t contain a bunch of chemicals. They would make a great addition to a diaper gift! Lastly, a gift membership to a cloth diaper service is priceless for parents who want to use cloth but don’t want to deal with the mess!

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Teethers are a good gift for babies. They encourage them to reach, grasp, and hold and are soothing for sore gums when teething. Sophia la Girafe is the hot baby toy, other good options are the Baby Banana or Zoli. Pacifiers can also be a big help for babies during car rides, fussy periods, and when teething.  You can find natural brands, soothies, and fashion pacifiers. Pacifier clips are a great add-on accessory!

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Socks are always a good gift, no matter your age. Whether you get simple patterned socks, trendy socks that look like ballet slippers,  or go cozy with Smartwool, grab some Sock Ons to go with them. These aim to prevent the constant case of lost socks that many parents know too well! Booties are extra warm for winter and are super cute! Brands such as Zutano or Hanna Andersson are popular, reliable and come in so many designs.

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Finally, baby carriers are so helpful in the fourth trimester when babies just want to be held and snuggled. The NuRoo Pocket allows for skin to skin wearing, which can be incredibly soothing and healing for babies, especially those born prematurely or who have health struggles. Stretchy carriers, such as wraps (Moby, Solly Baby, and Boba are well-known brands) and the Baby K’tan, are also good for the newborn period. And a membership for the local Babywearing International chapter will help the parents find a good fit!

Parents of newborns are sure to love these gifts, and they will make everybody happy, content, and thankful. If you found this newborn gift guide helpful, please share!

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