New Services! Tuck-In and Evening Support

I’m so excited to announce that I’m offering two NEW postpartum services!

I have been thinking of more ways I can support families during the postpartum time. These seemed like a great way to offer more support to families during potentially stressful times. Both of the new services are designed to relieve your stress and helpyour home run more smoothly.

Tuck-in services provide an extra set of hands to help everyone get settled after the birth.

Whether you’re coming home from the birth center or hospital, or your homebirth team is leaving, those first few hours after can be rough. There’s often a lot of commotion and uncertainty. Your whole world just changed and now you are expected to carry on as you did before the birth, just with a new tiny human.

Tuck-in services are meant to bridge that gap and let you settle in more slowly. I will make sure your home is tidy, dishes are clean, and the laundry is running. I’ll feed you and change the sheets on your bed. I will answer your questions about recovery, breastfeeding, and newborn care as you make yourself at home with your newest family member. I’ll take the dog outside, hold the baby so you can take a shower or bath, and let you have a nap.

Tuck-in services are $150 for 4 hours and are available now!

Evening support provides occasional help with dinner, bath, and bedtime routines to take away the headache and give parents a break.

Those few hours before bed are often a challenge. There’s often a transition home from work, school, or childcare… not to mention homework, meal prep, and the baby’s witching hour! Let me provide an extra hand to give you a break. I’ll prepare/serve a meal (and clean up after!), make sure kids are bathed, and help with the bedtime routine. You’ll get to sit down and take a break and enjoy your meal without rushing around serving everyone else. You can also enjoy some one-on-one time with your partner and baby.

Evening support is $100 for 4 hours or $60 for 2 hours and is available now!

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